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One Fine Day


Some days are meant to be perfect.

Waking up with a smile on your face and feeling content! Ah, that sense of joy!

Sipping on your morning cuppa, whilst you Rise and know in your mind that today you will Shine.

As you set about your daily tasks and work to Seize the Day with all the magic that you’ve got; You look forward to returning to home in the evening, to be The Good Host to your dear friends & loved ones.

ONE FINE DAY by TFC is a set of three Fragrant Elixirs which embodies the spirit of that perfect day.

To Use: Pour 10-15 drops of the Elixir and water in a diffuser. Sit back & allow the fragrance to enchant & transport you to another world.

Per Buy – Three 10ml bottles of Fragrant Elixirs + Diffuser



And Wait, There’s More!

The Sound of One Fine Day